PERSONAL DATABorn in Cagliari in 1983
Based in Cagliari
Italian nationality

Freelance comic artist / illustrator / digital colorist
2007 - presentCentro Internazionale del Fumetto di Cagliari
(Cagliari's International Comic Center)
CG for comics teacher in the courses organized periodically by the association

Collaborator for activities and event ("NUES" festival)

2015 - presentLibellusDigital coloring for the covers drawn by Roberto de Angelis exclusively for "Nathan Never"'s Croatian edition
2004-2012Multimedia studio “Shibuya Vision” (previously "Uzzupink Studio")Illustrator, storyboarder, character/concept designer, animator

2018Festival NUESIllustration and graphic design for the festival's billboard and other promotional printed materials
2017TunuéDrawings, colors and lettering for pages 42-53, 68-76, 79-83 and endpapers for the graphic novel "Badù e il nemico del sole (Badù and the enemy of the sun)" (story by Francesca Ceci and Christian B. Bouah, drawings by Laura Congiu, Stefania Costa, Gabriele Peddes and Stefania Potito)
2016I fumetti di NuesDigital coloring for the comic "I custodi del golfo (The guardians of the gulf)" (story by Bepi Vigna, drawings by Stefania Costa)
Grafiche Ghiani EdizioniDigital coloring (with the collaboration of Stefania Costa) for the graphic novel “Dimonios – La leggenda della Brigata Sassari (Dimonios - The legend of the Sassari Brigade)" (story by Bepi Vigna, drawings by Gildo Atzori)
2015Karel Produzioni for Sardegna Film CommissionStoryboard and digital art for the animations for the audiovisual project “Foglietto – le avventure di un bambino di carta (Foglietto - The adventures of a paper boy)”
Associazione DonnaCeterisIllustrations for the 1st and 3rd chapters of the book “Ti amo da (farti) morire (I love you to (your) death)” (published by Arkadia)
Festival NUESDigital coloring for the illustration created by Roberto de Angelis for the event's poster and fliers
Karel Produzioni for GAL Anglona RomangiaPart of the drawings + digital coloring and elaboration for the illustrations in the audiovisual project “Janas”
2014CSV Sardegna SolidaleDigital coloring for four posters for the social campaign “Cambia Musica – Scegli di essere un volontario (Change music - Choose to be a volunteer)” (drawings by Stefania Costa)
Periodici San PaoloDigital coloring for the comic "Tobia e l'oceano capovolto (Tobia and the upside down ocean)" (story and drawings by Otto Gabos), publihed on the magazine "Super G"
Internazionale dei ComicsStory, art and lettering for "Ogni notte (Every night)", realized for the vampire-themed short comic stories collection "Linee di sangue (Blood lines)"
Associazione DonnaCeterisDigital coloring for the short comic “Fine di una fiaba (End of a fairytale)” (story by Bepi Vigna, pencils by Stefania Costa, inking by Ilio Leo), published on the newspaper “L'Unione Sarda” and re-printed for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
2013L'Unione Sarda Art, digital coloring and lettering for the comic book "La congiura degli avvocati (The lawyers' conspiracy)" (plot by Bepi Vigna, script by Giorgio Figus); part of the series "Storia della Sardegna a fumetti (History of Sardinia comic books)"
2012Studio Shibuya Vision for E-talentbank JapanIllustration for New Year's Day "nengajo" postcard
Studio Shibuya Vision for Team Starwood Costa Smeraldallustrations for the fantasy book for children “Esmeralda – I giganti di pietra (Esmeralda - the rock giants)” (story by Emanuele Cantoni, published by R. Balzano)
2011Studio Shibuya Vision for Team Starwood Costa Smeraldallustrations for the fantasy book for children "Esmeralda - I quattro regni dell'isola magica (Esmeralda - the four kingdoms of the magic island)" (story by Paolo Zucca, published by R. Balzano)
Studio Shibuya Vision for E-talentbank JapanIllustration for the short movie “A wor(l)d for Japan”
Studio Shibuya Vision for Peter MarciasArt direction, character/concept design, storyboard, drawings and digital coloring for the animated sequences in the movie "I bambini della sua vita (The children of his life)"
Studio Shibuya Vision for SCP/RAC - Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and ProductionCharacter design and drawings for the animations of the three short movies series "Moving towards a future free of Persistent Organic Pollutants"
2010Studio Shibuya VisionCharacter design and character animations for the short movie “Un piccolo gesto (A small act)” (Jury prize and 2nd Community prize winner in the "Robur" contest on the website, and selected for “Best of Zooppa Italia 2010”)
2008Rizzoli LizardDigital coloring (together with Maria Marino) for the comic book "Banana Football Club" (story and drawings by Otto Gabos)
CastermanDigital coloring for the graphic novel "Esperanto" (story and drawings by Otto Gabos; published in Italy by Black Velvet in 2009)
2006Hybris ComicsDigital coloring for the online comic “Vita di Nedo Hermill (Nedo Hermill's life)" (story by Bepi Vigna, drawings by Otto Gabos, for the short comic stories collection “Hybris Jam”)
Hybris ComicsDigital coloring for the online comic “Gli amanti di Alphaville (prima parte) (The Alphaville lovers - part one)” (story by Bepi Vigna, drawings by Nicola Mari)
2005CondaghesCover and illustrations for the book for children "Zuck, lupo sdentato (Zuck, toothless wolf)", by Graziella Monni
2004Rotary Club OgliastraTwo postcard illustrations
2013“Ennio Zedda” prize, "comics" section
2010Featured in group exhibition “Il fumetto in Sardegna”, organized for Cagliari's comics festival "Nues"
2009Featured in group exhibition “L"isola delle nuvole”, and teacher in some of the comic workshops for children, organized for Cagliari's comics festival "Nues"
2008Featured in group exhibition "Nuvole Quartesi 2008", "Young authors" section
2005Short comic story "The revenge of the Dulls" (story by Enrico Ciccu) selected among the 40 finalists in the contest "Premio Pietro Miccia 2005"
2004Teacher in the workshop for children "L’immagine e il racconto - storie raccontate con il fumetto e il teatro" in Quartu S. Elena (CA)

2016Illustration and gouache techniques workshop with Daniela Volpari, organized by OA OpenArt in Cagliari
2015Character design and "Painter" workshop with Enrique Fenandez, organized by IDEA Academy in Rome
2012Illustrated book creation workshop “Cantieri di grafite – prove tecniche di illustrazione” with Pia Valentinis, organized by Libriforas in Cagliari
2002Comics course oganized by Cagliari's International Comic Center (directed by Bepi Vigna)
2002Classical high school diploma

SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS6 and previous versions (very good)
Corel Painter 2018 and previous versions (good)
Adobe InDesign CS5 (basic)
Adobe Illustrator CS5 (basic)
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 (basic)
OS: Mac OS X 10, Windows 10 and previous versions
Traditional techniquespencil, ink, markers, coloured pencils, gouache, watercolor
LanguagesItalian mother tongue
English pre-intermediate
French A2
Basic Spanish